Awake (Netflix) is a stand-up movie according to critics

“The solution to this insomnia problem is to just sit down and try to watch this movie!” Who will have the best pun on the platform’s latest Original and its soporific concept?

What if humanity could no longer sleep? In Awake, his new science fiction blockbuster, the whole earth finds itself deprived of sleep in a breathless post-apo world, with a kid who holds the key to a universal remedy, since she can sleep! So this future Netflix box worn by Gina Rodriguez is it worth a look? The least we can say is that the world press did not want to get up at night to see the film again. And to get her opinion across, she competes with puns around bedtime!

Gina Rodriguez battles endless sleeplessness in this soporific sci-fi movie “, writes the AVClub website. “Prepare for another round of Unexplained World Events (IMEs). But there is nothing inherently convincing about watching people not sleep. In fact, this is what constitutes 99.9% of every movie ever made (except Andy Warhol’s Sleep). You’ve seen better NDEs … “

For the English of The Guardian, Awake is a thriller in the vein of Bird Box, which is valid for “a real good nap”. The newspaper’s website writes that “even Gina Rodriguez cannot save a silly and unintentionally funny doomsday tale, about a mysterious affliction (…) Awake is incredibly boring, with a title that in the end becomes more of a challenge! “

The problem, according to Slant Magazine, is that the movie “boasts of its concept which fits in one line “. In summary, “Watch Awake, it’s less living the delirium and stress of a week without sleep than being stuck in a confusing and not particularly interesting dream … “

For his part, Paste Magazine believes that the Netflix movie “takes himself too seriously and quickly gives the impression of being as tired as his concept (…) There are a few moments of tension, good performances … But taking a base of stupid science fiction for justifying that nobody sleeps, it no longer speaks of real insomnia and suddenly the film has no impact, we can no longer identify. “

At the end of the day, if you can’t sleep a blind eye, “Awake might put you to sleep“, comments Deadline. And this despite”the powerful performance of Gina Rodriguez “, tempers the American site, which concludes in a beautiful paroxysmal way: “It’s really too easy to play puns with this title, Awake. But in truth, I kept thinking as I watched him that maybe the solution to this sleeplessness problem that plagues the human race is maybe just to sit down and try to watch this movie! “

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