Aya and the Witch, by Goro Miyazaki, no longer has a release date

It was scheduled for August 18 in France.

Aya and the Witch, the first 3D film from Ghibli studios, was due out in France this summer, but the implementation of the health pass to enter theaters on Wednesday July 21, which led to a drastic drop in attendance, urged his distributor, Wild Bunch, to push him away. “Faced with the uncertainty of attendance linked to the current health situation and specific measures of access to theaters, the release of the film Aya and the Witch, the new Studio Ghibli film directed by Goro Miyazaki, scheduled for August 18, is postponed to a later date “, details the press release.

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Here is his synopsis: Aya grew up in a cozy orphanage since she was a baby and doesn’t know her mother had magical powers. Loved and pampered, the 10-year-old girl never wanted to leave her cocoon and her dear friend Custard. Mischievous, cunning, she leads her little world by the tip of her nose! When a strange couple comes to adopt her, Aya rebels and follows her new family backwards… But what can this mysterious Mandrake and this disturbing Bella Yaga be hiding? To the rhythm of the enchantments, an extraordinary adventure awaits the adorable shameless… because her pretended parents are none other than wizards!

Trailer :

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