Babylon AD is a pretty cruel disappointment [critique]

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Babylon AD is a pretty cruel disappointment [critique]

Vin Diesel and Mathieu Kassovitz are still angry about this movie, by the way.

When it was released in 2008, the adaptation of the SF classic by Maurice Dantec Babylon AD disappointed the public, and for good reason: his shooting was hell for Mathieu Kassovitz and his actors. The director of Hate had to go through a lot of production issues trying to bring the project to fruition, and the end result didn’t look like what he hoped for. A misadventure told in the fascinating making-of of the film, Fucking Kassovitz.

However, despite its bad reputation, Babylon AD delighted the small screen, being regularly rebroadcast on TNT channels. On this Tuesday evening, it is for example NRJ12 which will offer it at 9:05 pm. Here is the review of First.

Fucking Kassovitz: the making of forbidden of Babylon AD in full

In the near apocalyptic future, a mercenary is tasked with escorting a mysterious young woman to hand her over to an omnipotent religious organization … Long awaited for good (Dantec’s book, Kassovitz) and bad reasons (production difficult filming “Agitated”), Babylon AD is a rather cruel disappointment. Adopting the narrative structure of Son of man – a reference -, the film does not support the comparison: with the trying realism doubled with real moral stakes of the masterpiece of Alfonso Cuarón, the anticipatory thriller of Kassovitz opposes an icy stylization and a mystical-fantastic discourse of ‘pretty bad taste. Worse, the action scenes, the nerves of such productions, are sporadic and sloppy. Neither blockbuster nor author’s film, Babylon AD is in an impossible and inevitably frustrating in-between.

Vin Diesel and Mathieu Kassovitz: but why do they hate each other so much?

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