Bac Nord, Baby Boss 2: the VOD novelties of 12/24 2021 to see on Première MAX

All the week’s video on demand releases.

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North Bac

Six years later The French, Cédric Jimenez rests his cameras in Marseille to tell of the police embezzlement which has hit the headlines. Bac Nord is a punchy film with an impeccable cast (François Civil, Karim Leklou and Gilles Lellouche), boosted by action scenes such as we rarely see in France. Highly recommendable, therefore.

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Boss Baby 2: A Family Affair

The Templeton brothers – Tim and Ted, ex-Baby Boss – are now adults and have lost sight of each other. While Tim is a stay-at-home dad, Ted is the boss of a hedge fund. But a new Baby Boss with a strong character is preparing to re-weld the links between the two brothers … A sequel carried out at 100 per hour and at least as crazy as the first. The perfect family Christmas movie, between turkey and log.

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In a half-submerged Miami (climate change requires), Nick Bannister (played with class by Hugh Jackman) is a former soldier turned private investigator. With the help of a strange machine, he invites himself into the memory of his clients who can relive moments of their own past in 3D. When the mysterious Mae (Rebecca Fergusson as an impenetrable femme fatale) walks through the doors of Bannister’s office, she wants to use the machine for an obscure pretext. Mae will actually embark the hero on a dangerous adventure where he will have to face crooked politicians, corrupt cops and violent dealers. A blockbuster-prototype that explores the realm of dreams, examines the (devastating) effects of time and plays with superimposed narrative layers.

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Don’t Breathe 2

A few years after the first fatal break-in at the home of Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang, immaculate), the latter is living quiet and peaceful days. But his old sins catch up with him… A sequel which overturns the formula of the first (the stalker becomes hunted) and offers its share of very, very tense scenes.

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