Back to mountain: a sumptuous teaser for a dizzying film

A documentary filmed at high altitude.

A luminous scope. The air. The snow. And some animals seized in their environment. The man appears, for a few moments, totally absent. Before a skier appears to leave only a trace that will disappear swept away by the winds …

Looking at these images one feels this cocktail of emotion specific to this environment: deep jubilation and fullness. Etienne Klein, a mountain-loving physicist and philosopher said that, up there, “the laws of physics were largely exceeded by the transcendental experience of altitude. This is what these images tell us.

After months of confinement, this is in any case the kind of videos we needed. Nature in its authentic purity. This trailer captures the beauty of the mountain scenery (monumental and majestic) and faithfully recreates a natural relief but also its ecosystem. We had forgotten: this territory is not just a leisure area for predatory vacationers. It is wild territory. In a few shots, the play of scale gives the feeling of verticality and horizontality that embraces those who walk these tracks. The wild nature still seems virgin, as if stopped in another century. And the disproportion between man, animals and the relief gives a dizzying poetry to these sequences just as the rapid variations of the climate are represented in all their strength …

Basically, we see that the film seeks to move away from certain mountain clichés (tourist exploitation, concrete ski resorts, extreme sport) to return to the foundation of mountain cinema, to a form of humility and to a culture of serenity and respect, in harmony with the world. As if confinement, as if the ecological awareness that is starting to shake the world also forced our gaze on the heights. And finally made it possible to realize that the mountain is no longer a playground but a field of challenges!

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