Bad Buzz Director Reflects on Eric and Quentin Film’s Flop

Stéphane Kazandjian regrets: “We tried to solicit the public of the” Band of Fifi “or Cyril Hanouna. It was the schizophrenia of the film, which wanted to please the public of Hanouna with the stars of Daily life.”

Bad Buzz celebrates its 5th anniversary. Released on June 21, 2017, this comedy carried by Eric and Quentin, the hosts of Daily, attracted less than 50,000 moviegoers. A flop on which returns its director, Stéphane Kazandjian with BFM TV. Before this commissioned film, “I was known for sexyboysa comedy for teens, and I hadn’t acted since Me, Michael G. in 2011, he begins. I really, really wanted to go back behind the camera and at the same time I had no ideas. One day, my agent, who also represents Éric and Quentin, calls me saying that they are making a film and that they are looking for a director. He asks me if I’m interested. I read the script. There are things to repeat, but I find it nice. We see each other and then everything goes very quickly. We were supposed to be in March-April and July-August, we were shooting.” He then details having succeeded Thomas Sorriaux and François Desagnat, the directors of The Beuze and 11 commandments : “They turned it down. They had read the script better than me…”then mentions the internal problems (transition of Quotidien from the Canal + group to the TF1 group) which, according to him, have impacted its quality: “It was not the right time. I feel like they shouldn’t have gone to TF1. The first year at TF1 didn’t go very well. They had this special in January , which was calamitous. They were tired. They couldn’t take it anymore. They were doing way too many things. Their aura was a little disintegrated and Bad Buzz has come to an end. The film should have been released when they left for TF1. Everyone was talking about them back then. When the film came out – it’s horrible to say – the product had already deteriorated a bit.”

Bad Buzz by Éric and Quentin: “Those who didn’t like the film haven’t even seen it”

The director confirms that he was dismissed from Bad Buzz in post-production, not participating in its promotion, nor in its editing: two editors followed one another and the production of the VFX was a nightmare. He recognizes that seeing his film pass from 1h35 to 1h07, “It still hurts my ass a bit”and specifically evokes the chaotic creation of certain scenes: “The bad buzz is the moment when I should have slapped myself. It’s still the scene that starts the film and it was impossible to cut. We did a lot of rehearsals with Éric and Quentin for trying to find the right position. It didn’t work. You end up on set. There are fifty extras and you only have one night to film everything. You know you’re not going to be able to pass. saying that you’ll see during the editing. It’s not well done, but it tells what it should tell.“The starting point of this comedy is indeed a bad buzz, a compromising video which calls into question the careers of the two journalists played by Eric and Quentin. One of the film’s shock scenes also features the duo with an actor with trisomy 21, whom they help to urinate, an idea that has become a bad memory for the director: “It took place in two stages. We shot it for the first time. There was not yet the fake cock. It was just a jet. Alexandre, our dear props man, hadn’t managed to make a powerful enough jet. Abel wanted us to do it again with an overpowered jet and therefore a real big cock. We had an extra day at the end to do it again. It was one of the saddest we’ve ever had. Was it depressing because it was sordid or because we didn’t give a fuck? We were in the studios of [Luc] Besson – Europacorp released the film. The set was huge, just for a tiny toilet cubicle. It was ridiculous. I wondered what we were doing. I didn’t want to be there.”

Overall, Stéphane Kazandjian considers that Bad Buzz was shot for “bad reasons”. “I tried to make my good little soldier as best as I could, but I think that in the end with this scenario and these actors, we would have really won to do it super cheap, on the iPhone and trash for TV. Except that there had been La Bande à Fifi and the Palmashow. Everyone thought that the next ones to go to the cinema would be Eric and Quentin. Except that for some reason that escapes me, it didn’t didn’t work. Maybe we were all a little deluded into thinking that we were going to be able to transform their slightly crazy side into something a little polished. The other thing is that they have something something very spontaneous. The cinema, casually, is part of a long time. (schoolboy humor), it was added a little precisely to try to solicit the public of La Bande à Fifi or Cyril Hanouna. It was the schizophrenia of the film, which wanted to please the public of Hanouna with the stars of Daily life. Éric and Quentin, there is something stupid and erudite at the same time. Their show works very well. s well in this register, moreover. The problem is that we never asked ourselves who Éric and Quentin were. We wanted to bring them into a genre that wasn’t theirs and into which they entered with both feet, since they were the ones who wrote the screenplay, but we would have gained from asking ourselves what we could do with their humor.”

The full interview with Stéphane Kazandjian is to read here. Since this flop, he has dropped the profession of director to devote himself to that of screenwriter. He recently signed the script for far from the ring roadthe -successful- action comedy by Louis Leterrier, filmed for Netflix with Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. He does not intend to stage a film for the moment.

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