Bambi: “The Song of the Rain” was originally supposed to be quite different

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The Disney classic, which blows out its 79th birthday this year, is rebroadcast this evening on M6.

Disney animated films, as old as they are, remain masterpieces, especially when it comes to their songs. In Bambi, no music sung directly by the characters, but several songs that have become classics over time. Among them, the most famous of the film is undoubtedly “The Song of the Rain” :

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Originally, it was not to accompany the onset of spring and the April rains. Indeed, the music called “Raindrops” had to be in the movie instead of “Little April Shower” (original version of “The Song of the Rain”). But at the last minute, the one we know replaced “Raindrops”. And although the song is not officially in the cartoon, there are still recordings (in English only) because the old VHS had it in the credits.

Bambi: Disney’s masterpiece returns tonight

Composed by Franck Churchill, to whom we owe the music of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and of Dumbo, “Raindrops” at much simpler words than “The Song of the Rain”, and this little grain that reminds us (your choice) of very old Disney or the new horror films. With a monolithic rhythm, very different from “The Song of the Rain”, we can easily guess why this second version was preferred: because where “Raindrops” is very simple, “The Song of the Rain” Musically embodies the different stages of a thunderstorm, starting slowly with a small sweet melody and a few instruments, to gradually increase in intensity and report (via hearing), the evolution of the April light rain towards a real storm. The voices, the orchestra and in particular the percussions become the wind, the lightning and the force of the rain which frightens Bambi in the scene. A premonitory storm, announcing the upheaval that will experience the little fawn, soon separated from its mother? A question to ask yourself before Bambi, rebroadcast this evening on M6.

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