Barbaque: The teaser “Bring the accused in” with Marina Foïs and Fabrice Eboué

It is Christophe Hondelatte who tells us about the fatal fate of this couple of butchers who kill vegans.

If you like Let the accused enter, Michel Fugain, but not the vegans, this first teaser of Barbaque should please you! After co-directing Starting point, The Botswanga Crocodile and filmed solo Coexist, Fabrice Eboué returns with this comedy where he forms a couple of cannibals with Marina Fois. Running a butcher shop, the two lovers accidentally kill a vegan who has come to attack their shop. Not knowing at first how to cover up the body, they decide to cut it up and sell it in small pieces to their customers. It is an unprecedented success, and the start of a fatal gear …

Barbaque: Fabrice Eboué tackles vegans with Marina Foïs

This first teaser presents the couple as the murderers of the show Bring the accused in, Christophe Hondelatte first describing them in front of a wall retracing their bloody crimes, before real images of the film follow, punctuated by the tube “Be like the bird” by Michel Fugain. A montage full of hemoglobin and absurd humor, the long version of which can be seen at the cinema from October 27.

Marina Foïs comments on her film: Mum or dad, Polisse, Mission Cleopatra …

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