Batwoman: Warner Bros. responds to Ruby Rose and accuses her of “making history again”


Another actor in the DC series is defending himself against these “defamatory and damaging allegations made against me”.

It’s a message in the shape of a bomb, that Ruby rose posted on social media yesterday. Explaining his surprise departure from the series Batwoman, in 2020, just before the shooting of season 2, she testifies in several posts of the abuse and the psychological pressure of which she would have been the victim, on the part of the production. A toxic environment which would be at the origin of his resignation, according to her.

Ruby rose especially points to the former boss of the studio, Peter Roth. So Warner Bros. TV has been keen to respond to the actress’ allegations and is not doing it all the way.

WBTV accuses Ruby roseto remake history“and share his”truth“in the wake:”Warner Bros. Television has decided not to exercise its option to reprise Ruby for season 2 of Batwoman based on several complaints about his behavior at work, which have been widely investigated and dealt with in private out of respect for all concerned. “

Clearly, the production ensures that it is the actress who was at the origin of the toxic environment on the set of the series.

A version corroborated by the actor Dougray scott (Jacob Kane), who is still part of the series today, and who is also specifically implicated by Ruby rose. He would have in particular “hurts a female linere “and allegedly used to yell at women and talk to them abusively.

“I absolutely and completely refute these defamatory and damaging allegations made against me”, defends Scott in a statement obtained by TVLine. “Everything that has been said is entirely made up and never happened. As Warner Bros. Television has stated, they have decided not to exercise their option to re-run Ruby for Season 2… based on several complaints about his behavior at work. “

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