Baz Luhrmann has a 4 hour edit of Elvis

With Nixon, no more drugs and the King’s first love story.

After its event screening at the last Cannes festival, Elvis released in French cinemas. The director of Red Mill ! films Austin Butler as the King, opposite Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker, recounting his successes and failures in music, with the aim of offering a great spectacle to the public. This musical blockbuster is also interested in his intimate life. Interviewed by RadioTimesthe Australian filmmaker returns to the important involvement of the 30-year-old actor (who is of all plans, and was exhausted at the end shots), and admits having had to cut many sequences that he nevertheless considered interesting to paint a complete portrait of the singer of “Love Me Tender”.

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“I have a 4h version, actually. I have it. But it had to be reduced to around 2h30… I would have liked to insist more on certain things, there is so much to tell. There is so much elements that are filmed, but that I had to part with. Like the relationship with the band, the way they annoyed the Colonel. Or that of Elvis and the first love of his life, Dixie. Then, later , when he falls into this drug trap, it destroys him, but he doesn’t understand Someone who had a heart as big as Elvis was looking for love everywhere, even he only really found it on stage He got addicted to barbiturates and all kinds of things, it led him to make some crazy decisions! Like going to the White House to see Nixon. I had included that scene, but eventually we came to a point where we couldn’t keep everything, so we cut trying to keep the spirit of the character.”

The meeting between Elvis and Nixon took place in 1970, and its scenes are crazy. It has already is the subject of a film, in 2015, directed by Liza Johnson and worn by Michael Shannon as King and Kevin Spacey as President of the United States. Note that the biopic which comes out this week in cinemas already lasts 159 minutes, or 2h39. Here is its trailer:

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