Before Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson was already the prom queen

Before Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson was already the prom queen
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From Harry Potter to Charlie’s World, Belle’s interpreter has multiplied the dance scenes.

M6 will broadcast this evening, for the first time in the clear, the live adaptation of The beauty and the Beast with Emma watson and Dan Stevens in the main roles. When Disney Studios unveiled the first image of the couple in Entertainment Weekly, in November, 2016, they unsurprisingly bet on a visual evoking the most famous scene of the cartoon released in France in 1992: that of the ball, where the young woman dances with the Beast to the tune ofEternal history. Good thing, Emma loves to dance. She says it in the making-of of the film, and has already proven it several times in the cinema.

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Harry Potter and the Dances of Death

See Emma watson fluttering her dress in a splendid setting strangely recalls another dance scene: that of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, on the screens in 2005 (and back Tuesday night on TMC). Gorgeous in her pink evening dress, Hermione impresses Ron. On Viktor Krum’s arm, she even drives him mad with jealousy.

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A few episodes later, the heroine will have another striking dance. Still not on Ron’s arm, by the way, but with Harry. In The Deathly Hallows (2010), the trio flee from Death Eaters. Hidden in a forest, the friends try to find the objects bewitched by Voldemort, but they are worried for those close to them and very quickly, the tension builds between them. This dance is one of the rare moments of lightness and complicity during this difficult period.

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Emma’s world

It’s not just in Harry potter thatEmma watson was the prom queen. In Charlie’s world (2012), a charming adaptation of a teenage novel by Stephen chbosky (who is also the co-writer of The beauty and the Beast), she plays young Sam and goes wild in the company ofEzra Miller at a high school party on the track ‘Come On Eileen“of Dexys Midnight Runners. Fun and catchy, the scene is very successful.

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The sexy bling ring

Less innocent, her streak in a nightclub with her luxury robber friends in The Bling Ring (2013) also made an impression. Whether she’s swinging with a friend or doing pole dancing at Paris Hilton, Emma plays a more trashy character than the ones she has played so far. She is no longer as wise as in Hermione or Sam.

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Bonus: Emma, ​​queen of the stage

If she likes to dance in the cinema, Emma Watson was also a sensation on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show. when promoting the Charlie’s World. Some time later, It was the turn of Daniel Radcliffe, his partner in the Harry Potter saga, to mark the audience with a rapper’s challenge.

Tonight, Emma watson will therefore return to waltz on the small screen in The beauty and the Beast. Did you know thatshe refused the musical La La Land for this live adaptation of Disney ? In front of the camera Damien Chazelle, it would still have twirled, however, since the director of Whiplash pays homage to cult Hollywood musicals in this film finally worn by Emma Stone and Ryan gosling.

The trailer for The beauty and the Beast :

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