Before being Andy’s toy, he was in his favorite movie: Pixar reveals the origin story of Buzz Lightyear [vidéo]

The studio also shares a photo of the little boy at the cinema, surrounded by his toys to watch the film in which Buzz is the hero.

It’s the event of the day Annecy International Animation Festival : Angus MacLane unveils his Buzz Lightning to the public. The director of world of dory is in charge this time of telling not the story of the toy, which was already developed in the Toy Story, but of the movie hero who inspired him. A concept presented simply from the opening of the film, thanks to a card saying: “In 1995, Andy received a toy from his favorite movie. Here’s that movie.” However, until now, the concept was not very clear…

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By the fault of Chris Evans, the new voice of Buzz? In December 2020, he confirmed that he had been chosen to double the hero of Buzz Lightningand he specified below the teaser: “Just to be clear, this is not a movie about Buzz the Star.clear the toy. This is the origin story of the BuzzEclear humanfrom which the toy is drawn.” Not quite, in the end, because it’s more about“a Buzz Lightyear movie character”and not of“a human Buzz Lightyear” ? A nuance that is not necessarily obvious, the two being animated characters, and the toy resembling by definition its model.

Now that the release is approaching, the promotion of the animated film details more clearly the starting point of this spin-off, therefore derived from the saga Toy Story without repeating itself. Buzz Lightning is a space exploration film (hence the famous mojo recorded in the toy “To infinity and beyond !”), whose hero is an astronaut (aka “Space Ranger”) who seriously details his missions in his logbook (“Buzz Lightyear at Star Command…”) and must team up with all kinds of acolytes to face the terrible Zurg (who we also knew as a toy, in Toy Story 2). It is therefore logical that he does not have the same voice as in the Toy Story : Tim Allen dubs the toy in VO, and Richard Darbois in VF, while Chris Evans and François Civil lend their voices to the hero of the SF film. Thereby Buzz Lightning is the equivalent of Star Wars in the universe of Toy Story.

After Richard Darbois, François Civil is the new voice of Buzz Lightyear

A short featurette was shared a few days ago on social media to clearly explain that“before he was Andy’s plaything, he was in his favorite movie” and that the Buzz Lightning that arrives at the cinema corresponds to this film. A photo of the young boy attending a screening of the feature film at the cinema was also shared by Disney and Pixar. We see him surrounded by his favorite toys, smiling, happy to follow Buzz’s adventures on the big screen.

Presented like this, the starting point of Buzz Lightyear – the movie, is much clearer… Unless you look for the little beast. Under this image, Internet fans of Toy Story wonder why the toys (which also take up two seats when the cinema is full!) were afraid of the Buzz Lightyear toy when they met him in the first film, if they had already seen him on the big screen. Others point to little aliens (“The grapiiiin”) wondering why they are already at Andy’s side, when he only gets them there too in the first Toy Story. Maybe on this concept art, the latter revises the film Buzz Lightning, which he had seen before, but without his toys? The drawing would therefore take place after the action of the first Toy Story ? But in that case, why not take Buzz, the toy, to the movies?

Buzz Lightning will be released in theaters on June 22. Here is its trailer:

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