Before Les Profs, PEF charmed the public thanks to Try me and King Guillaume [critique]

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King Guillaume

His 2009 comedy with himself and Florence Foresti returns this Sunday on television.

TMC will rebroadcast tonight King Guillaume by Pierre-François Martin Laval. Before experiencing great success thanks to its adaptation of the comic strip Teachers at the movies, Pef has signed two cute and romantic comedies: Try me, with Julie Depardieu, in 2006, and King Guillaume, worn by himself and Florence Foresti, but also Pierre Richard, Omar Sy, Rufus or Terry Jones. The latter had marked First when it was released in 2009. Here is our review.

An ordinary couple find themselves king and queen of a tiny island whose specialty is treason. If there is one that does not follow the rule of this microroym, it is Pierre-François Martin-Laval. King Guillaume is an annex of the universe ofTry me, his first film: same vision of the world in bright colors, same characters perched on the peaks of childhood, same eccentric plot … The PEF of the Robins des Bois is revealed there a little more by touching a frozen husband. love for his wife. King Guillaume is the size of its island: you can quickly walk around it, but its finds and the feeling of being on lands foreign to the comedies usually served disorientate enough to make it a pleasant vacation.

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Here is the trailer for King Guillaume :

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