Before Rahan and Lucky Luke, Michaël Youn is preparing a comedy on skiing with Audrey Fleurot

Following the success of Divorce Club, the actor and director wants to film “a weekend of disintegration”.

While we believed it in the middle of preparing an adaptation of the comics Rahan, for cinema, anda new series dedicated to Lucky Luke, Michael Youn reveals to Allocine that he prepares before these two projects already announced a comedy in the vein of his three previous productions Fatal, Long live France and Divorce Club : “I’m going to make this winter, on the ski, a film called BDE (Students’ office). It’s a comedy that tells the story of four friends who met in business school and who, since, have used to meet every year to party. Only this year, they will come across students from their old school who are on the weekend of disintegration in the same station. Between a makeover and a real pecker contest with these students, they are going to put the ski resort on fire. And their lives are going to be completely turned upside down by this weekend. There will be a before and an after. It is perhaps my most personal film, although it is intentionally regressive, because I also relate what happened during my student years. And how can that go very far in stupidity. ”

For this project, Michaël Youn will find two actors he knows well: Audrey Fleurot, who played alongside him in Divorce Club, and Vincent Desagnat, his playing partner since Morning Live in the early 2000s. He adds that he has already chosen the interpreter of the fourth friend, but that he cannot yet reveal his name.

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