Behind the scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder

“Taika Waititi is really a kid… like a child prodigy in fact”.

Fun and relaxed atmosphere on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder ! Marvel Studios has just unveiled a brand new featurette from its upcoming film, which shows us a brief behind-the-scenes look. And obviously, everyone had a good laugh on the set of Thor 4starting with the director Taika Waititi.

Playing with her”bubbly personality“, the director set the mood on set and everyone loved his production process. Natalie Portman said she was delighted to return to play the heroines in front of her camera, and especially Chris Hemsworth, who bursts : “Taika, he’s really a big kid… like a child prodigy in fact”.

On the way, we discover some images and Hemsworth explains that we will see in Love and Thunder there “Renaissance” of Thor after Endgame, “looking for his place in the universe… he is looking for himself and it shows in his wardrobe!”

The film will be released in theaters on July 6 in France.

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