Being Mortal: Aziz Ansari’s film on hiatus following a complaint against Bill Murray

Bill Murray 2021

The Ghostbusters actor allegedly behaved “inappropriately” on set, prompting Searchlight Pictures to halt filming.

On Wednesday, the team Being Mortalthe first film by Aziz Ansari (known for the series Master of None), received a letter from the production saying that filming was on hold following a complaint about one of the main cast members. Either Bill Murray, Seth Rogen, or Aziz Ansari himself, with the post not naming the person. Neither the precise content of the complaint, only that it had nothing to do with the Covid-19 epidemic. It turned out that it was actually about Bill Murraywhich has already been at the heart of clashes on film sets, including a conflict with Lucy Liu on the set of the film Charlie’s Angels, in 2000. The actress recently revealed that he yelled insults at her on set after discovering that one of her scenes had been rewritten. A behavior “unacceptable and inexcusable” for the actress, who commented: “I fought back and I have no regrets. It doesn’t matter if you’re the star of the movie, no matter where you’re from, there’s no reason to be condescending or to put people down like that.”

“Last week we received a complaint, and we immediately took it seriously, we read in the letter relayed by variety which announces the pause of the filming of Being Mortal for an indefinite period. We sincerely thank you for your involvement in this project. Our goal is to get it back, so we’re working with Aziz and Youree (Henley, the producer) to find the right timing. Production will keep you posted on this hiatus as soon as we have more information to provide.”

Started at the end of March, the filming of Being Mortal had been half done when this stoppage was decided. So far, Searchlight Picture hasn’t announced anything about Bill Murray’s starring role in this doomsday drama. Will he stay in the cast or will he be replaced by another actor? The studio will certainly provide an update soon, now that the incident has been publicly revealed. Based on the book by Atul Gawande published in 2014 We are all mortal: what really matters at the end of lifethe film is due out in 2023.

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