Belle and Sebastian 2: The adventure continues, but the charm quickly wears off [critique]

The continuation of the adventures of the boy and his dog is less endearing.

Belle and Sebastian 2 : The adventure goes on had worked well in the cinema in 2015, but had however less pleased the editorial staff of First than the previous opus broadcast last weekend, softer and nostalgic. Here is our review, while waiting for its rebroadcast this Sunday on W9.

Belle and Sébastien: Is nostalgia still what it used to be? [critique]

Here is our review: “The war is over, Sébastien is waiting for Angelina’s return, but her plane crashes. Certain that she is alive, César asks for help from “the other”, a bad guy who is a pilot… For this second episode at the cinema of the adventures of the little boy and his big dog, the scenario accumulates twists and turns: plane breakdown, meeting a young boy named Gabriel, revelation of the identity of “the ‘other’, forest fire… After Nicolas Vanier in 2013, it is Christian Dugay (Planète hurlante, Jappeloup) who takes over the controls, fulfilling the specifications without genius. All this is kindly telephoned and the little nostalgic charm dulls quickly.”

Trailer :

Belle and Sébastien 3 – Clovis Cornillac: “I wanted to make a film in a Disney style”

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