Belle and Sébastien 3 – Clovis Cornillac: “I wanted to make a film in a Disney style”

Clovis Cornillac, the director (and actor) of Belle et Sébastien 3 tells us about his influences.

In February 2018, the final chapter of the adventures of Belle and Sébastien was released (Belle and Sebastian 3, final chapter), which will be rebroadcast on Sunday on W9. And it’s the best of the trilogy! Clovis Cornillac took the camera and managed to breathe new life into the saga taken from the famous soap opera by Cécile Aubry. It must be said that the actor, who recently became a director (he had already staged A little, a lot, blindlyin 2015, then episodes of the series Chiefs), is an informed cinephile, as he proved to us during this interview where we talked about the influences of his film. When Disney classics and classic westerns mingle with the first Spielberg…

Belle and Sebastian 3, final chapter [la critique]

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