Belle and Sébastien: Is nostalgia still what it used to be? [critique]

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The family film returns tonight on W9.

Belle and Sebastian of Nicolas Vanier, returns this Sunday on television. When it was released in 2013, First appreciated the old-fashioned charm of this family adventure.

5 Films to watch before Belle and Sébastien 3 by Clovis Cornillac

Another soap opera from the childhood of today’s sexagenarians (first broadcast in 1965) which, in turn, goes from the small to the big screen, after Belphegor or The Knights of Heaven. To build a little muscle, the plot is transposed to 1944 and the naughty Nazis replace the original smugglers. Mountain landscapes make for spectacular images and this nice big white dog sitting in the snow near a pretty little boy in a red cap (or in the green meadow as three seasons pass) makes for some lovely postcard views and obsolete. Is nostalgia still what it used to be? No doubt because a harmless scene turns into a moment of grace when the kid talks with André, a character played by Mehdi El Glaoui, interpreter, almost fifty years ago, of the role of Sébastien. Cynics and cinephiles abstain: this bluette without genius is aimed at dog lovers and tender hearts.

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