Benoit Poelvoorde in a film noir inspired by Marc Dutroux

“Maldoror” will be inspired by the affair that shook Belgium in the 1990s.

He is currently serving a life sentence. The murderous pedophile Marc Dutroux left a lasting mark on Belgian and European society as a whole. The horrific affair that shook collective consciousness in the 1990s inspired a film to Fabrice du Welz.

The Belgian director ofInexorable (in 2020) reunites with his producer Jean-Yves Roubin (at Frakas Production) to Maldoror, which will follow the story of Paul Chartier, a young police officer, who became obsessed with a case involving a notorious child molester, whom he almost caught but who escaped him. Benoit Poelvoorde will be one of the central characters of the cast and others “well-known Belgian actors“are expected on the bill, according to Fabrice du Welz quoted by The Last Hour.” Lhe film will revolve around the cop who was tracking Dutroux “, explains Roubin, to Variety, describing Maldoror like a film noir in the same vein as the Zodiac by David Fincher.

Du Welz is currently finishing the script and is expected to start filming next year.

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