Benoît Poelvoorde lives an Inexorable passion for Fabrice Du Welz [bande-annonce]

“Inexorable, adj.: From which one cannot escape.”

“Who is insensitive to prayers; ruthless.” This is the definition of the adjective Inexorabletitle of the new film by Fabrice Du Welz with Benoît Poelvoorde, Melanie Doutey and Alba Gaia Bellugi in the main roles.

Presented at the Deauville festival and at the Forum des Images in preview, this thriller focuses on the character of Marcel Bellmer, a successful writer and therefore the first novel Inexorable launched his career. Married to Jeanne Drahi, daughter of a famous publisher, the writer moved to the latter’s death with his wife and daughter in his wife’s family home. But a strange young girl, Gloria, will interfere in the life of the family and upset the order of things.

Distributed by The Jokers, Inexorable is revealed in a first trailer before its arrival in theaters on April 6:

The director will then focus on his next project, Maldororstill with Poelvoorde and inspired by the Marc Dutroux affair which shook Belgium in the 1990s.

Benoit Poelvoorde in a film noir inspired by Marc Dutroux

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