Berlinale 2022: Arte highlights André Téchiné, Nadav Lapid, Romy Schneider…

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Berlinale 2022: Arte highlights André Téchiné, Nadav Lapid, Romy Schneider...
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Farewell to the night, Synonyms and 3 days in Quiberon are notably to be seen on the channel and in streaming.

Whereas the Berlinale 2022 is in full swing (it takes place in the German capital until February 20), Arte will broadcast this evening Farewell to the night, a drama by André Téchiné carried by Catherine Deneuve. Released in April 2019 at the cinema, it tells the secret discovered by Muriel (Catherine Deneuve) about her grandson Alex (Kacey Mottet-Klein), who came to say goodbye to her before leaving to live in Canada, but actually hiding another reason from this visit. The film is already visible on the channel’s website, Arte.TV, which highlights a special Berlinale selection.

Thierry Klifa: “André Téchiné, rebellious filmmaker is anything but a documentary-tribute” (Interview)

3 days in Quiberon, the intimate portrait of Romy Schneider directed by Emily Atef from multiple archive images, or Synonyms, the drama by Nadav Lapid about an Israeli in crisis with his country of origin, two recent works acclaimed by critics, are for example on the program. Older feature films are also available, such as lemon trees (2008), film evoking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the journey of Salma, whose plantation of fruit trees is threatened in these times of conflict. As for the landmark drama of the 1980s, Me, Christiane F., 13 years old, drug addict, prostitutethis is its last day of streaming on the channel’s website, which is also posting a special Berlinale episode of Blow Up dedicated to its Golden Bears, the main award given at this film festival.

When Gucci is inspired by Me, Christiane F., 13 years old, drug addict, prostitute

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