Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien hit the road in the Almost trailer

“I don’t have to say anything for it to chill.”

“We are not born a man, we become one”. This is the subtitle of the feature film Almost, realized by Bernard Campan and Alexandre jollien, also featured in this human comedy on difference.

Its synopsis: In the city of Lausanne, Louis (Campan) is the director of a funeral director. A hardened bachelor, at 58 he devoted himself entirely to his profession and could not bring himself to retire. Igor (Jollien) is 40 years old, with a sharp mind in a disabled body. Cerebral palsy. Igor delivers organic vegetables on his tricycle to pay his rent and spends the rest of his time in books, away from the world, with his fellow travelers, Socrates, Nietzsche and Spinoza. By a chance which belongs only to life, the paths of Louis and Igor cross. On a whim Louis decides to take Igor with him. They both set off in a hearse to drive the remains of an old lady, Madeleine, to the foot of the Cévennes.

Arriving on cinema screens on January 26, the film is already revealed in a first trailer:

This comedy guided by the Campan / Jollien duo, embarked on an initiatory road trip from Lausanne to the South of France, echoes the work of Alexandre Jollien, a lifelong philosopher. For example, he went to Korea to Live without why (title of one of his books published in 2017), and then multiplied the stories and experiences on life far from the torments of existence. Soon, he will find himself propelled into dark rooms to carry his message to a cinephile audience.

Here is also the poster of Almost :

Almost - movie poster by Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien
Apollo Films

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