Bernard Tapie is dead: an acting career in 3 roles

Captain of industry, Minister under Mitterrand or singer in his beginnings, the emblematic President of OM who died this Sunday at the age of 78, was also a theater actor, film and television actor.

True embodiment of the jack-of-all-trades, Bernard Tapie was as much an artist as a businessman or politician. Battling double cancer of the esophagus and stomach for several years, he died this Sunday, at the age of 78. Elected MP, winner of the Champions League in 1993, or bankable TV host during his years of glory and fortune, Bernard Tapie had since become a successful comedian.

It is Claude lelouch which had opened the doors of the profession to him in the middle of the years 90. In personal bankruptcy, condemned to a sentence of ineligibility and banned from function in the world of football, Bernard Tapie had reconverted into actor in 1996 in Men, women: instructions for use, alongside Fabrice Luchini. The film was widely criticized, but the performance of the fallen millionaire was astonishing. Simple and human, he managed to make people forget his caricature and so often caricatured banter. Claude lelouch had already spotted his natural presence and charisma, twenty years earlier, thinking briefly of him for the role of Aldo Maccione in Adventure is adventure.

“Bernard was an extraordinary man who did extraordinary things“, reacted this morning the filmmaker on Europe 1, very touched by his disappearance. Claude lelouch had stayed close to Bernard Tapie during all those years. He even planned to run it, a second time, in his next film: The Incredible Fertility of Chaos

The film career of Bernard Tapie will not go further than Men, women: instructions for use, but it’s on the boards (in covers ofOscar Where Flight over a cuckoo’s nest), then on television that the comedian Tapie will flourish. In 2001, he took the lead role of Cazas, a police telefilm for TF1, in which he plays, for Yves Boisset, a man unjustly incriminated in a dark affair of drug trafficking.

A first successful TV movie, which will lead the private channel to recall Bernard Tapie for a regular role this time. Former captain of industry hunted down by justice in real life becomes the Commissioner Valence. A position that he will hold for twelve 90-minute episodes between 2003 and 2008. Tapie puts himself in the shoes of the boss of the eighth DPJ of the Paris police, combining criminal investigations and paternal galleys with his daughter. On June 26, 2008, the ultimate adventure of Commissioner Valence is broadcast on the front page. His very last acting job.

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