Bertrand Mandico dreams of another world in After Blue (Paradis Sale) [bande-annonce]

It announces a film full of eco-wild west delirium.

If when it comes out The Wild Boys had created a surprise with its strange atmosphere, both unhealthy and sensual, and its plot straight out of an acid trip, it is to bet that After Blue (Paradise Dirty)the new realization of Bertrand Mandico, will cause the same effect. Previewed at the Chéries Chéris festival in Paris last year, opening the 27th edition of the festival dedicated to LGBTQI+ film, Mandico’s new creation promises to delight film buffs and lovers of beautiful images.

In the same line as The Wild Boyswhere the images were sublimated by effects reminiscent of the beginnings of cinema and surrealism, supplemented by real work on the sets, After Blue (Paradise Dirty) presents itself as a modern reverie, or rather of adults, where realism and imagination come together on the screen.

The Wild Boys: A Tale for Adults [Critique]

Evolving in the distant future, on a savage planet where only women survive, this feature film has Roxy as its heroine, a lonely teenager who, after freeing a criminal buried under the sands, is exiled with her mother Zora. Indeed, the two women are held responsible for the murderous mood of the criminal, who has sown death since her release. Condemned to hunt down the murderess, Roxy and her mother then survey the supernatural territories of their dirty paradise.

Taking up the polished aesthetic that the public had discovered in The Wild Boys, After Blue (Paradise Dirty) is Bertrand Mandico’s third feature film. He guides Elina Lowensohn, Pauline Lorillard and Vimala Ponsalready in front of his camera in The Wild Boysas well as Paula Luna and Agata Buzek. This beautiful world is revealed in a very dreamy first trailer:

Dated for February 16 by UFO Distribution, the feature film has already given itself a first life before its release: it has indeed been screened at the Locarno Film Festival (in competition), at TIFF, at the Strange Festival and at Fantastic Fest, including also receiving the award for Best Feature Film.

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