Bertrand Mandico’s new film to open the Chéries Chéris festival

The 27th edition of the LGBTQI + film festival in Paris will open on November 20 for ten days.

While its 2020 edition, postponed to July 2021, ended a few months ago, the Chéries Chéris festival returns to Paris tomorrow for the 27th consecutive year. for ten days, from November 20 to 30, the city of light will be brought to life by LGBTQI + cinema, with a selection of more than 116 features, shorts, documentaries and special screenings. “At a time when the LGBTQI + community is finally overflowing the framework that has long been assigned to it, we must still and always dare. For this 2021 edition, our artists will burst the screen” comments Grégory Tilhac, the artistic director of the Festival. And to open this 27th edition, who to choose other than Bertrand mandico and his brand new movie After Blue (Paradis Sale) ?

Bertrand Mandico’s Wild Boys: A Tale for Adults

In fact, three years later Wild boys, his dreamlike tale on sexuality and violence, Bertrand Mandico returns to the cinema with a new fable, After Blue (Paradis Sale). This feature film will open the edition, which will then be closed by Moneyboys of Yilin Chen Bo.

But before that, the three juries of the festival will be keen to designate the best productions of the competition selections. As for feature films, eleven films were selected. They will be studied by a jury made up of Marie Boudon, Romain Brau, Nadia Daam and Carlos Loureda. For documentaries, Josza Anjembe, Anne-Claire Dolivet, Christian Sonderegger and Aleksandr M. Vinogradov will focus on the eleven selected documentaries. Finally, concerning the short films, Kats Cale, Roxanne Gaucherand, Edgar F. Grima and François Nambot will have to choose among the 55 best shorts. Note that the selection of short films is divided into several categories, for more representation: the shorts are queer, gay, hot gay, lesbian or transgender.

In addition to the selection of the competition, the Chéries Chéris festival will present to its spectators 33 films in fictional or documentary panorama, including The Most Beautiful Boy in the World by Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri on the rise of Björn Andrésen in Death in Venice by Visconti.

Six special sessions are also planned, two of which will be dedicated to Sébastien Lifshitz (Little girl) and its documentary cinema. Six other sessions will be presented in the category “gay x party and fetish porn”, and a last special session will be devoted to three episodes of the series. XAOC Committed by Sullivan Le Postec, who will return to the LGBTQI + news that had agitated Europe in recent years by introducing a homosexual refugee character from Chechnya.

Little girl, Sébastien Lifshitz’s new summit

The details of this new edition of the Chéries Chéris festival, such as the complete selection and the program of the sessions, are to be found here, on the official festival website.

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