Betty canceled by HBO, no season 3

Betty OCS

The women’s skate series therefore only has 12 episodes in total.

She has completed her last run. Launched in May 2020, Betty will stop on HBO. While season 2 was broadcast this summer and ended in mid-July (in France on OCS), we learn that there will be no season 3. The series therefore only has 12 episodes in total.

“We will not go forward with a third season of Betty, HBO confirmed in a statement. “We are so grateful to designer Crystal[MoselleandherincrediblecastTheirintrepidexplorationoftheworldofNewYorkskateculturewillremainabeautifulemblemoffriendshipandcommunity”[MoselleetsonincroyablecastingLeurexplorationintrépidedumondedelacultureskatedeNewYorkresteraunbelemblèmed’amitiéetdecommunauté”

Based on the independent film Skate Kitchen, already produced by Moselle in 2018, Betty followed a tight-knit group of teenage skateboarders.

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