Between life and death: Antonio de la Torre in a new feverish thriller [bande-annonce]

Giordano Gederlini’s film will open the Crime Film Festival.

A figure in Spanish cinema, particularly known for his recent roles in Que dios nos perdone Where El Reino, Antonio de la Torre plays for the first time in a film in French, between life and death. A rather silent role, if we judge by the trailer unveiled by The Pact:

Directed by Giordano Gederlini, one of the scriptwriters of Miserables by Ladj Ly, Between life and death is a pure thriller, which will also open the Reims Police Film Festival on April 5th. Antonio de la Torre is the central character of this complex investigation, led by Marine Vacth (under the direction of Olivier Gourmet), which will be released in cinemas on June 29.

Summary: Leo Castaneda is Spanish, he lives in Brussels, where he drives the line 6 metros. One evening, he catches the eye of a young man at the edge of the platform. Feverish eyes of distress, a familiar face… Leo recognizes his son Hugo when he tragically disappears on the tracks! Leo, who had not seen him for more than two years, will discover that Hugo was involved in a bloody robbery. He will have to face violent criminals to try to understand the reasons for the death of his son.

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