Beverly Hills Cop: We keep laughing, because Eddie Murphy is in every shot [critique]

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Beverly Hills Cop

In 1984, Première adored Eddie Murphy. That’s good, one of his cult comedies returns tonight on W9.

Axel Foley has a knack for annoying his boss, Todd. The very specific methods of this eccentric policeman strongly blur the traditional boundaries between thugs and police officers. His colleagues start to tire of finding him all the time mixed up with the thugs they are trying to stop. So Todd takes the assassination of Foley’s best friend very seriously and prefers to put his twirling subordinate on leave rather than have him rush headlong in pursuit of the murderers. Foley deals very well with this unexpected vacation and takes the opportunity to go to Beverly Hills, where the last traces left by his late friend lead him. He sets out to find the culprits, in his own way …

37 years after its theatrical release, few roles in the career ofEddie murphy have marked the public as much as that of Axel Foley, pinnacle of cool in the saga whose first part directed by Martin Brest was released in theaters in 1984. At the time mainly known for being the leader of the Saturday Night Live in the early 80s, the actor saw his popularity explode on the big screen thanks to this film where his comedic hyperactivity dynamited the conventions of detective film. Buddy movie emblematic of an era, Beverly Hills cop was the biggest success at the American box office of the year 1984 and attracted nearly three million spectators simply in France. A superstar was born.

Eddie Murphy: ” A comeback? Okay, no, I admit that I don’t really like this idea … ”

In his review written for the magazine First, Michèle Halberstadt also recalled how much Eddie Murphy was a star in the United States (he had just signed a contract of $ 15 million for five films with Paramount, a record at the time), before considering that it was he who saved the film from a too classic scenario. “After 48 hours and A Chair for Two, we knew that Murphy had a knack for finding the right subjects for films. In this regard, Beverly Hills Cop disappoints: this time, the scenario is not worth a nail. This story of a cop whose childhood friend is murdered and who, to avenge his “mate”, solves a dark conspiracy based on drugs and real estate schemes, we have already given often. But, despite the flatness of the subject, the miracle works: we can’t stop laughing, because Eddie Murphy is in every shot, and he always hits the mark. So, for once, exceptionally, we can forgive him his lack of requirement, but for the next film, we will ask for more … “

The trailer for the Beverly Hills cop :

Netflix acquires Beverly Hills Cop sequel starring Eddie Murphy

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