Beyoncé opened the 2022 Oscars ceremony in style

Beyoncé opened the 2022 Oscars ceremony in style
2022 Oscars ceremony / Canal +

“It’s so good to be aliiiive…”

The 94th Academy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and Will Smith’s bloodshed against Chris Rock is sure to remain the most memorable image of the evening (the actor took to the stage to give it a smack , then yelled at him to stop insulting his wife, after a “joke” comedian about Jada Pinkett Smith losing her hair!). However, there are also beautiful moments during the Oscars 2022, starting with its opening, by Beyoncewho interpreted “Be Alive”the flagship song of The Williams Method, film for which Will Smith just received the Oscar for best actor a few hours later. He plays the father of Venus and Serena Williams, the tennis champions, and it is therefore 100% on this theme that this opening clip was imagined, shot live from the Compton tennis courts, where s precisely trained the two young sportswomen.

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This spectacular opening was followed by other musical moments organized by the Academy of Oscars, in particular the interpretation of “No Time to Die” by Billie Eilish, who received with Finneas O’Connell the statuette of the best song for Dying can wait, the last James Bond, as part of a tribute to the saga for its sixtieth anniversary. two titles ofEncanto, the fantastic Madrigal familythe latest animated film from Disney studios, also created a stir: “Dos Oruguitas” and “Let’s not talk about Bruno”.

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