Biblical explanations to better understand Midnight Sermons

The Midnight Sermons Nefflix

Mike Flanagan reveals his vision behind the theological miniseries. So what should we understand from all this?

And you ? What do you have faith in? Mike Flanagan keeps asking the spectator the question in his Midnight Sermons, on Netflix. The high priest of horror on the platform, with Hill house and Bly manor, has signed a theological series that shakes deeply. A very personal series for the director, which refers squarely to his first communion!

In EW, Mike Flanagan says in fact that as a child, at church, he asked his parents: “So … if we drink blood and eat the body of Christ, to have eternal life, aren’t we ultimately vampires?“Of course little Mike has grown up and isn’t so naive anymore …

“The thing with Catholicism isn’t that the bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ… it’s that they supernaturally turn to flesh and blood on the altar. And that’s how you get eternal life. The fact that it wasn’t explicitly linked to vampirism actually surprises me! You are dealing with a mythology steeped in bloodthirsty rituals and resurrection. “

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Of life, of death, and of believing in the hereafter, that’s all that, Midnight Sermons, a questioning at the center of the work of the series creator. “What happens after we die? What is the good answer ? How do we answer this question in life? It took me until very recently, until the very last version of the script, to realize that it didn’t matter. As much as the question of what we do when we are alive. The only thing that matters is how what we believe in changes our behavior towards each other while we’re alive.

But its Midnight Sermons is not limited to this biblical parable. Since Mike Flanagan does not hesitate to switch to the supernatural with the introduction of this “angel” of death. A creature shaped by the 1995 film, The prophecy, starring Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel, who landed on Earth to strengthen his power. And Flanagan clearly remembers a particular line that had marked him when he was still a high school student: “Whenever God needs to do something horrible to someone in the Bible, he sends an angel. Do you really want to meet a creature like this? Imagine. what this creature must look like. This is the one you send to slaughter the firstborn of the Egyptians! “

Midnight sermons

For the creator, “angels are scary. “ And we understand better the one who ravages the village of Midnight Sermons. “The idea that you could reasonably mistake this terrifying creature for a biblical angel was still quite compelling …” smiles Mike Flanagan, which explains in the wake of the tragic end of its story.

He says that very quickly it was clear that no one was going to survive: “During the writing it became clear that no one was going to live, that the story would have something of a cult slaughter, like the Jonestown one, to get to the end of our terrible parable. “ Flanagan, however, spared Leeza, as well as Riley’s younger brother, Warren. Why ? “Because we felt like they had had enough. You have to see them at the end as the new Adam and Eve on the water, sort of. “

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