Big Sky, season 2: the twist of the “twin brother” explained

Big sky season 2

A huge surprise marked the end of the first episode. The showrunner explains everything to us.

The first season had been full of twists and turns and clever twists. Season 2 of Big sky starts off just as well. Launched this Wednesday on Disney +, it wraps its episode 1 with a huge surprise, impossible to see coming … Attention spoilers!

Big Sky, season 2: “We plan to kill a character every week …”

Indeed, psychopathic trooper Rick Legarski had a twin brother: Wolf Legarski – still played by John Carroll Lynch – will play a central role in this new chapter in Montana.

Showrunner Elwood Reid explains for Premiere: “Rick, he was this guy right in his boots, law and order, a real scary psychopath and not easy to understand … When I took over the reins of the show, during the second part of season 1 , the character was already dead … but I kept making jokes on set about his crazy hippie brother … Inspired type, who likes to hug people“, tells us the screenwriter.

“The more we talked about it, the more I shaped this character in my head, taking things from my own life, from siblings that I have known where one was really bad and the other lived in his shadow forever. . ”

Big Sky, season 2 legarski

Elwood Reid then specifies that he also took an example from the terrorist Ted Kaczynski, alias Unabomber: “He killed certain people and did very bad things, while his brother was a nice teacher … Two brothers who had two separate lives and he still spends a lot of time, today, living in the shadows of what his brother did … I find that really interesting to explore. So we brought up the idea of ​​Rick having a twin brother … And then obviously, it was the right solution to bring back John Carroll Lynch. He’s so special … “

Wolf Legarski wants to deal with Ron’s case at the start of season 2. The brother seems, like Rick, somewhat disturbed: “He is only love. A kind of divine love from the Old Testament! A love which can be violent … but which loves everyone, when his brother was pure evil”, describes the showrunner of Big sky, which specifies that they have “shared the same mother, the same upbringing. Basically, I think the DNA of these two characters is in Wolf …”

We will find it in the sequel to season 2 of Big Sky, next Wednesday, on Disney +.

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