BigBug: first teaser for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s new Netflix film

The director of the Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain and Delicatessen turns to streaming.

Almost 10 years after his last feature film (The Extravagant Voyage of the young and prodigious TS Spivet), Jean-Pierre Jeunet returns to the cinema with a new film entitled BigBug. Set in a futuristic universe in 2050, the plot of Big bug relies on artificial intelligence, so everywhere. So much so that humanity relies on it to satisfy its every need and desires, even the most shameful… In a quiet residential area, four domestic robots suddenly decide to hold their masters hostage in their own home. Locked together, a not quite blended family, an intrusive neighbor and her enterprising sex robot are therefore forced to put up with each other in an increasingly hysterical atmosphere! Because, outside, the Yonyx, the latest generation of androids, are trying to take power. As the threat draws closer, the humans deceive themselves, envy each other, and tear each other apart under the bewildered eyes of their indoor robots. And if, deep down, it was the robots that had a soul … or not!

Elsa Zylberstein, Isabelle Nanty, Stéphane de Groodt, Claude Perron, Youssef Hajdi, Claire Chust, François Levantal and Alban Lenoir play the main roles of BigBug. The film offers itself a first teaser before its arrival, not in theaters, but on Netflix:

Indeed, this new achievement will be available directly in streaming, from February 11, 2022.

An unexpected return, which the director justified in January 2020 on First : “I have no frustration that he does not go to the cinema. The subject lends itself to it: an enclosed space, it works very well with small screens. It would not have been the case for TS Pivet who showed large American spaces, and which was shot in 3D. But this one, by chance, lends itself terribly to it. It’s even almost better to shoot it in 1.66 format. For me, there is so much cinema on Netflix and elsewhere. Especially since they impose on us all the highest technical and technological standards. We are not going to do shit because it is for small screens. And the fact of not having to face the The anxiety of the first morning screening at Les Halles, with the numbers falling, it’s much less pressure. Especially since I know that 136 million Netflix subscribers will potentially be able to see it. And things add up , they do not replace each other. The cinema has never replaced the theater, for example. So it is not because there are platforms that p No one will go to the cinema: there have never been so many spectators in the theaters. You shouldn’t be afraid of that. “

Jean-Pierre Jeunet: “There are as many cinema on Netflix as elsewhere”

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