Bill and Ted, Feminism and The Visitors: The Flashback Trailer, by Caroline Vigneaux

“What the hell am I doing at Puy du Fou?”

Flashback, the first feature film directed and embodied by Caroline Vigneaux will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on November 11. The pitch? Charlie, a brilliant, cynical and narcissistic lawyer, who, after winning a new trial, meets Hubert, an unconventional taxi driver who will embark him on an unexpected race in the corridors of time! During this journey that will take her from prehistoric times to the present day, she will cross paths with those who fought for women’s rights and witness historical events that she should never have forgotten. To get out of this time loop, she will have to understand her role as a woman in society and learn to help those whose voice is not heard, even today.

Amazon announces its second original French film: Flashback by Caroline Vigneaux

Take the recipe from Bill and ted (except that the phone booth allowing Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to travel in time is replaced by a taxi), sprinkle a little atmosphere of the Visitors, add some feminism to it to dynamise it all, and you’ll get this comedy trailer Flashback, conceived by the former lawyer and creator of successful shows He was a fairy, Caroline Vigneaux leaves the dress and Caroline Vigneaux bites the apple. The film is also worn by Issa Doumbia, Sophia Aram, Suzanne Clément, Gad Elmaleh, Florent Peyre and Sylvie Testud and Amazon has also shared his poster:

Flashback poster
Amazon Prime Video

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