Bill Cosby released from prison! His conviction quashed

bill cosby

Huge twist in the sexual assault scandal accused of the 84-year-old star. A Pennsylvania judge ruled that he should not have been convicted …

No, this is not a sketch of the Cosby Show. We had left Bill Cosby behind bars in 2018, after the 1980s American TV superstar was sentenced to three to ten years in prison, convicted of three counts of sexual assault. At the end of a chilling trial, more than 60 women – five of whom testified at the bar – who had declared to have been assaulted by the actor. Lifetime registered as a sexually violent predator, Bill cobsy had been serving his sentence in a state prison for …

But yesterday he was released, against all odds! Not because he was found innocent. But for a procedural matter declared null and void by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The highest body of the State indeed estimated this Wednesday that the agreement that had signed Bill Cosby with former prosecutor Bruce Castor in 2005 should have prevented him from being indicted again in the same case.

“The collective weight of these considerations led Attorney Pastor to conclude that, unless Cosby confesses, there was insufficient credible and admissible evidence upon which any charges against Mr. Cosby related to the incident with Andrea Constand could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt “, states the new judgment.

In fact, his conviction for sexual assault and the rape of Andrea Constand was outright quashed. Bill Cosby was released in the afternoon … In the process, the actor cracked a statement: “I never changed my position or my story. I have always claimed my innocence. Thank you to all my fans and friends who supported me in this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the law. “

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