BioShock: The movie inspired by the video game will finally be made on Netflix

Without Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) at the helm?

Netflix has just announced on social networks the start of an adaptation of BioShock, the 2007 hit video game that immerses the player in the underwater city of Rapture, filled with dangerous enemies. A particularly rich steampunk and horrifying universe, which Hollywood has dreamed of making a film for more than a decade. variety delivers more details: the streaming site is partnering with 2K and Take-Two Interactive for this project which will be co-produced by Vertigo Entertainment (which supported The Circle, The Grudge, Dark Water and more recently Death Note Where That). However, the article does not provide the name of a screenwriter or director for the moment. No mention of Gore Verbinski, who spent some time working on a similar project for Universal – and who signed the remake of The Ring for Vertigo, in 2002. He seems currently occupied by another project of the platform: to bring to the screen Sand Kingsby George RR Martin.

Bioshock the movie was abandoned… because of Watchmen

It was in 2007, after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. The director had managed to complete his epic trilogy on time for Disney, despite complicated manufacturing conditions, and many special effects to create in post-production. Exhausted, but interested in the universe of BioShock, he worked for several months on an adaptation. Eventually, the studio got scared as its budget grew, and scrapped the idea two years later. Verbinski then tackled rangohis animated western.
To respect the dark atmosphere of the game, it would have been necessary to release the blockbuster in R-Rated (not recommended for children under 17 not accompanied by an adult), which would have potentially limited its box office receipts, and this contributed to scare Universal. Note that the firm has also abandoned adaptation of mad mountainsby Lovecraft, by Guillermo del Toro for the same reason, despite the presence of superstar Tom Cruise in the cast… and the filmmaker has since been trying to relaunch it on Netflix!

Gore Verbinski tells how he shot Pirates of the Caribbean 3 without a script

Being produced by Netflix, the adaptation of BioShock can be designed for adults without fear of going unnoticed: the platform regularly produces series and films not recommended for minors, such as the recent adaptation of comics Sandman, by Neil Gaiman. Strauss Zelnick, head of Take-Two Interactive, also underlined this quality in the press release: “Netflix is ​​one of the best and most forward-thinking storytellers around. We are thrilled to share with them our vision of the Bioshock franchise and our commitment to it, as it is adored by millions of fans around the world. “ The video game has indeed been a great success, which has allowed it to be declined: its direct sequel was released in 2010 and three years later, BioShock Infinite told another story, set in a Colombian city in 1912, and no longer in Rapture in the 1960s.

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