Black Box, with Pierre Niney: exclusive projection in space for Yann Gozlan’s film

“Black Box is 1st of the Box Office … in space !!!”

After Kaamelott – First Stream, it’s the turn of Yann Gozlan’s new thriller, Black Box, to join the stars for a film screening in weightlessness. In any case, this is what actor Pierre Niney, main actor of the film, announced on his Twitter account:

In theaters since September 8 (and with a million admissions), Black Box thus offers itself an unprecedented trip to space. A shame for this feature film which follows Mathieu Vasseur (Pierre Niney), technician at the BEA (authority responsible for safety investigations in civil aviation), in charge of understanding what happened on board the flight Dubai-Paris before its crash in the Alpine massif. Mathieu, propelled chief investigator into this unprecedented air disaster, must establish whether the crash was due to a piloting error, a technical failure or a terrorist act. Thoroughly analyzing the black boxes, he secretly carries out his own investigation. But he still does not know how far his quest for truth will take him …

Here is his trailer:

What if the film Kaamelott was screened in space for Thomas Pesquet?

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