Black Diamond is reminiscent of Little Odessa, another brilliant first film [critique]

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Black Diamond
Ad Vitam

Before Onoda, Arthur Harari signed this very successful thriller carried by Niels Schneider and August Diehl.

This evening, Arte will rebroadcast Black Diamondthe first film ofArthur Harari, who has won acclaim in recent months for his war film Onoda – 10,000 Nights in the Jungle. When it was released in 2016, First liked it very much.

The Black Diamond story : Pier Ulmann lives in Paris, between construction sites and thefts he commits on behalf of Rachid, his only “family”. His story catches up with him the day his father is found dead in the street, after a long decline. The pet peeve of a wealthy family of diamond dealers based in Antwerp, he leaves her nothing except the story of his banishment by the Ulmanns and a bitter thirst for revenge. At the invitation of his cousin Gabi, Pier goes to Antwerp to renovate the offices of the prestigious firm Ulmann. Rachid’s instructions are simple: “You go there to see, and to take. “But a diamond has many facets…

Premiere’s review: The son of a jeweler reunites with his father’s family to better avenge him, by organizing a robbery. In a way that reminds Little Odessaanother brilliant first film, Black Diamond is loaded with meaning and references, but writer and director Arthur Harari has enough instinct to balance the ingredients harmoniously. Dark and contemporary variation on the theme of Hamlet, it deals with revenge, of course, but also with fate and free will. As for the filial relationship, it is omnipresent and readable on several levels, the main character (played by Niels Schneider) having different fathers, biological, symbolic and surrogate. The world of diamond dealers in Antwerp, whom he joined to learn the trade, is a reservoir of signs that the filmmaker exploits cheerfully, from the severed hand, which is one of the symbols of the city, to the diamonds whose value, the multiple facets and the relationship to light encourage reflection.

Trailer :

Abdel Hafed Benotman, the rough jewel of Black Diamond

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