Black market: tense trailer for Iranian thriller

This Abbas Amini film received the jury prize at the last detective film festival in Reims.

Amir has just been expelled from France and is returning to live with his father in Iran. Out of family solidarity, he finds himself implicated in an atrocious crime which will lead him to frequent the difficult environment of the exchange of foreign currencies on the black market. But the guilt gnaws at him …

This year, the Reims detective film festival (which replaces Beaune) awarded two major prizes to Iranian films: Tehran Law, interested in the 6.5 million crack addicts in the country, and Black market. The first, released in July at the cinema, marked Première by its shock treatment of this social subject. The second, signed Abbas Amini and waited on January 5 at the cinema, was also very popular with the editorial staff. It is revealed today, via a trailer also promising a tense film noir. Between his slaughterhouse filled with corpses, his “hero” out of prison and its money trafficking, she teases a particularly dark and corrupt atmosphere.

Tehran’s Law: an impressive societal thriller [critique]

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