Black Mirror will return to Netflix for a “more cinematic” season 6

black mirror netflix

Three years later, Charlie Brooker’s great dystopian series is back in action.

The SF Tales of black-mirror were starting to miss us. Good news, a new season will see the light of day on Netflix.

It’s been almost three years since season 5 aired on the streaming service – in June 2019 – but Variety reveals today that a season 6 is finally in preparation. The casting is in progress.

Nothing is known about the details of the stories, but this season 6 of the anthology will have more episodes than season 5, which had only three (with Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace and Miley Cyrus in the cast at the time).

A source close to the production also speaks of an ambition “more cinematic“, which means that each episode will be treated as a small individual film, with a significant “production value”.

The creators and producers of black-mirrorCharlie Brooker and his partner Annabel Jones, in a deal with Netflix for a few years, will a priori be back at the helm.

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