Black Widow is the MCU’s James Bond according to early feedback

“With touches of Mission: Impossible, even Thelma and Louise …”

Black widow will be released in France on July 7 at the cinema (two days before its American release on Disney Plus). But already, the first press screenings have taken place across the Atlantic and American critics seem rather conquered by the action / espionage approach of the film Marvel, which is eyeing Jason bourne, with a touch of James bond !

Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in full chase [extrait]

Black widow is the Bourne sequel that we should have had the last time “, soberly writes a journalist, about this story that unfolds after the events of Civil war and sees Natasha Romanoff on the run, heading to Russia to confront her past.

“You mix Jason Bourne’s movies, a bit of The Americans with MCU lore and you get Black widow… or what I will also call the moment when Florence Pugh took control of the world! “, launches another Tweet, praising the performance of Scarlett Johansson’s classmate.

The supporting roles in the film are widely applauded, in general: “One of the funniest MCU movies, with a ton of self-referenced jokes for longtime MCU fans. A film that has sufficient awareness of what it is to work. Florence Pugh and David Harbor steal the show from the rest of the cast.

Finally, this review sums up these first impressions rather well: “Marvel movies are back! Black widow is a tense, action-packed spy thriller that truly complements Natasha’s story in a visceral way. Florence Pugh crushes everything and instantly establishes herself as an MCU icon. It’s a bit of the MCU’s Bond movie with touches of Mission: Impossible, even Thelma and Louise...” Just that !

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