Blacklight: Liam Neeson makes war on the FBI [bande-annonce]

This action film is the third signed Mark Williams.

“If I find out you ordered my granddaughter’s disappearance, you’ll need an army.” Travis Block, aka Liam Neeson, doesn’t mince words when it comes to threatening the FBI Director. Secretly intervening on behalf of the Federal Bureau when all options have been exhausted, Travis Block does not hesitate to use strong force when the FBI asks him to silence an agent. Except when he prepares to reveal the methods of the Bureau to the press: Block then understands that he has become the pawn of a terrible plot. Determined to bring out the truth, he throws himself into a fight against those with whom he is used to working. But when his adversaries prey on his loved ones, Travis turns his methods against his former employers and he will have no mercy.

This is the plot of Neeson’s new film, titled ​​​​​​Blacklight, sign mark williams. With Aidan Quinn (Elementary), Taylor John Smith (Sharp Objects) and Emmy Raver Lampman (Umbrella Academy) alongside the actor to interpret this action film, this thriller promises to be explosive. In any case, this is what the trailer suggests:

Mark Williams’ third film as director, Blacklight also confirms an old collaboration between the filmmaker and Liam Neeson: the actor was previously on the bill of The Good Criminal and Veteran in 2020 and 2021, two feature films of which Williams was a producer. This time director, he continues to direct Neeson in an action film.

Blacklight can be found in cinemas from February 23 next.

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