Blacklist season 9 teaser heralds a big leap in time

Blacklist season 9

“This trip is not over yet,” Red warns.

It’s a very short promo trailer that NBC posted (below) last night, but it packs a lot of information. And in particular on how the task force will deal with the death of Liz Keen, in season 9 of Blacklist.

As these images (that beard!) Show, this Season 9 will begin after a two-year time jump. Red will be on the run, and the task force has been disbanded. But in the video, Agent Ressler wants to avenge Liz, so that she is not “not dead in vain“.

Agent Park and Harold Cooper also appear in this teaser, and then Red, who also looks a little different, warns: “This journey is not over yet. “

The ninth season of Blacklist premieres Thursday, October 21 in the US on NBC.

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