Blade Runner: two employees are dedicated to the saga timeline!

Blade Runner: Two employees are dedicated to the saga timeline!
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Thus, the animated series Black Lotus will respect the films of Ridley Scott and Denis Villeneuve in every detail.

Adult Swim is currently preparing an animated series in the universe of Blade Runner. Entitled Black lotus, she will follow a new heroine, Elle, who wakes up in 2032 with no memory of her past. Discovering her talents as an assassin and a tattoo in the shape of a lotus, she will investigate her story, which will be directly linked to those of the films of Ridley Scott and Denis Villeneuve (Blade runner, released in 1982 and Blade Runner 2049, in 2017) whose intrigues took place in 2019 and 2049 respectively.

Interviewed by The Wrap, producer Andrew Kosgrove, head of Alco, Entertainment, revealed that he had hired two employees within the company to task them with ensuring that the various works in the universe of Blade runner respected its timeline. “I wouldn’t say it’s their full-time job, but that’s mostly what they do. They take it very seriously: they analyze the different stories and make sure they stick to the ‘timeline’ , canon, that the characters’ motivations are meant and make sense of what was designed in this universe. Our goal at Alcon, as we are the rights holders to Blade Runner, it’s to respect his canon as much as possible, because the fans have invested so much in these stories. Black lotus will be set in 2032 and will contain some ‘easter eggs’, nods to different things that happened in the two cinematographic works. It is moreover to respect these two films that we have chosen this year. If you remember correctly 2049, we talk about the ‘blackout’ which marked a turning point. This series will take place immediately after, when the Replicants have been banned, and the Tyrell business is in jeopardy. Of course, we will see the new version of the Tyrell Corporation, and its manufacture of new Replicants. This date falls exactly between the end of Blade runner and the beginning of 2049. We’re kind of at the center of it, and of course we will find the character played by Jared Leto in the film starting to gain prominence and impose his vision of what the Replicants could bring to the world. “

Cut into 13 episodes, the first season of Black lotus is scheduled to air in late 2021 on Adult Swim.

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