Blanche Gardin films Blanche Gardin in The Best Version of Myself

Blanche Gardin (in I'm not an easy man)
Celine Nieszawer

The comedian is portrayed in 9 episodes, soon available on Canal +.

Lately, Blanche Gardin had taken the big screen by storm. Featured in France by Bruno Dumont andBlood oranges by Jean-Christophe Meurisse, the comedian has made a place for himself in front of the camera, and the public is asking for more. Corn December 6, Blanche Gardin will abandon the big for the small screen with her series The best version of myself, broadcast on Canal +.

Blanche Gardin as a gynecologist in the Blood Orange teaser

Created by Gardin, Béatrice Fournera and Noé Debré, it breaks down into nine episodes. In the form of a false documentary, the French comedian tells her story, and tells about her upset daily life when she decides to stop humor: “Blanche Gardin is a successful comedian. Everything works for her, but she suffers from a chronic digestive problem which makes her suffer enormously. She goes to a naturopathic follower of positive thinking who explains to her that her problem comes from self-mockery. she demonstrates on stage. Blanche realizes that her salvation lies in the kindness that she must finally exercise towards herself. She then takes a radical decision: she stops the humor. to her agent and on social networks, and embarks on the road of personal development, the quest for well-being and spiritual research in order to become a better version of herself ” describes the synopsis.

With several personalities in guest, like Louis CK., The best version of myself created a porous border between fiction and reality. And Canal + has already published a first teaser to keep the aficionados from the comedian:

The hilarious speech of Blanche Gardin, who herself recovers the Molière of humor

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