Bleach: the anime returns nine years after its discontinuation [bande-annonce]

Bleach: The Bloody 1000 Years War - Official Festa Jump Trailer (2022)
Jump Festa; Viz Media

The animated adaptation of Bleach will resume service in 2022.

Created by Tite Kubo, the manga Bleach is one of the best known with Naruto and One piece. Completed in print, its anime adaptation suddenly came to an end in 2012, leaving one final arc of the manga hanging. But almost nine years after its shutdown, the animated Bleach should resume soon, as announced in 2020 the mangaka Tite Kubo: a first trailer of the final arc of the manga, called “The bloody war of 1000 years”, was unveiled during the Jump Festa 2021:

Presented for the first time during the festival organized by the publisher of magazines Jump in Japan, this trailer therefore adds the final arc of the manga to the 366 episodes already released over the years, and until 2012. This last season will give an end to the animated adaptation, catching up with the paper manga , completed since 2016 and the release of the 74th volume in history.

As a reminder, Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old high school student who has been able to see, hear and touch the souls of the dead since he was little. After meeting a shinigami (god of death) whose task is to protect the living from monstrous spirits, the teenager embarks on a great adventure to become in turn shinigami and protect the Earth. The last arc of the manga, “The Bloody 1000 Years War”, covers volumes 55 to 74.

The new season of Bleach, announced for October 2022 in Japan, will then be broadcast outside the Land of the Rising Sun. Further information is awaited regarding this release. the Studio Pierrot, famous for his work on Naruto, will be in command of this last arc, with Tomohisa taguchi to the realization. Shiro Sagisu will sign the music, and Masashi Kudo the char-design.

Bleach: from manga to the big screen?

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