Blonde is “the child of Citizen Kane and Raging Bull” according to Andrew Dominik

Now aiming for a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the director is teasing his biopic of Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas.

Andrew Dominik knows how to find the words to make the desire rise around Blonde hair, his adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ book on Marilyn Monroe. Last February, in the columns of Screen Internationalthere was no four ways: “Blonde is the best movie in the world right now, he assured. It’s sensational. A masterpiece.”

Today, with our colleagues from Colliderthe director squarely compares his biopic to two masterpieces of the genre: Citizen Kane and raging bull. But not so much to compete with their authors Orson Welles and Martin Scorsese as to give an indication of the tone and themes of the film: “Blonde is a film for all the unloved children of the world. It’s as if Citizen Kane and raging bull had a baby girl together.”

It develops : “The idea of Blonde hair is to recount a childhood drama and then show how this drama divides the person concerned into a public person and a private person. And how the adult she has become sees the world through this childhood drama. (…) The film uses all the iconography and imagery that you know of Marilyn Monroe, the films, the photos of her life… But it modifies their meaning by linking them to her personal drama. It’s a film about the unconscious, in a way. And it is a tragedy. An unwanted child becomes the most wanted woman on the planet and has to deal with all the lust and confusion it brings. It’s kind of a nightmare. Like being in a car without brakes. Which accelerates and accelerates and accelerates again.”

Ana de Armas: “A Cuban who plays Marilyn. I wanted to do it so badly.”

Blonde hair, which Andrew Dominik has been working on for almost fifteen years (he wrote the script in 2008), is supposed to be released by the end of the year on Netflix. Failed from the Cannes Film Festival, which still does not accept films from the streamer in competition, it should, still according to Dominik, be unveiled at the end of August, beginning of September, during the next Venice Film Festival: “Il could have already gone to Venice last year and come out in the fall, but the editing took some time. All my films take a long time to edit.” Especially the awesome The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), which had been the subject of a showdown between the filmmaker and Warner. But this time, contrary to what had happened for jesse james (whose fan club has long fantasized a director’s cut of four hours), the version that we will see will be in accordance with the wishes of the filmmaker: “Netflix lets me release the movie I wanted to make.”

If we already know that Blonde hair will be the first Netflix film to be banned for those under 17 in the United States, its duration is still unknown. And this info, Andrew Dominik prefers to keep it to himself: “It’s like asking a woman her age!”

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