Blood oranges: a punk, cheerful and anarchic object [critique]

A black and creaking comedy on the absurdity of our society, between middle finger and distorting mirror. No keep in all hands.

In 2016, Jean-Christophe Meurisse imposed his absurd and hilarious universe with Apnea, freewheeling sketches film that brought out the modern world. The director and founder of the Dogs of Navarre troop traces his furrow with the no less dingo Blood oranges, articulated around three apparently disconnected stories: a couple of over-indebted retirees tries to win a rock contest; a teenager wants to have her first sexual experience and comes across a psychopath; a minister entangled in a case of tax evasion. Result: a dazzling UFO which oscillates between creaking comedy to die for laughter (incredible dialogues), torture film (two scenes were talked about at length during the Cannes screening) and social story. A truly punk object, truly joyful, truly anarchic, but which never forgets to deal with its subjects – the uprooting of the elites, the class struggle and the ineptitude of our societies – in the background, even when it allows itself to change gender like you change your underwear. The risk is obviously to drown the viewer in a deluge of unease and chaos, which Meurisse does not entirely avoid, the distorting mirror sometimes flirting dangerously with the grotesque. But once all of his grenades are carefully unhooked, he moves when you least expect it with a final shot that would almost seem like out of another movie. It was all a black farce, okay, but at the end of the tunnel there was still light.

Of Jean-Christophe Meurisse With Alexandre Steiger, Christophe Paou, Lilith Grasmug… Duration 1 h 42. Release on November 17, 2021

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