Blood Oranges: the trailer that refuses “political correctness”

A comedy with delightful and particularly scathing black humor.

She presents herself as a wicked comedy ! After a first teaser putting Blanche Gardin in the skin of an unfiltered gynecologist, Blood oranges delivers its long official trailer. And the least we can say is that it promises a tone politically not at all correct, refreshing!

Directed by Jean-Christophe Meurisse, the film will bring together Alexandre Steiger, Christophe Paou, Céline Fuhrer and Denis Podalydès. With the participation of Blanche Gardin in a secondary role.

The pitch: At the same time in France, an over-indebted retired couple is trying to win a rock contest, a minister is suspected of tax evasion, a young teenager meets a sexual freak. A long night is about to begin. The dogs are let loose.

Blood oranges will be released in theaters on November 17th.

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