Bloody trailer for Amazon’s Remember … Last Summer series

A serial remake of the great classic of the 1990s: I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Be careful behind you, it’s awful! Teenagers are going to get screwed by a mysterious serial killer in the TV series remake of Remember … Last Summer, as shown in this Amazon trailer (below). The pitch is exactly the same as the one in the film, but with more modern characters (and without Sarah Michelle Gellar): “A year after causing a terrible accident on the night of their graduation and which they keep a secret, a group of young adults begin to be targeted by a killer. As they try to find his identity, they will discover the hidden side of their city and its inhabitants … “

“No one will know what we did …She said in the video. teens terrorized by a brutal killer, after they accidentally run over a guy on the road and decide to swing his body instead of calling the police ….

The first four episodes of Remember … Last Summer will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on October 15, with new episodes airing every Friday thereafter.

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